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Asylee Travel Document Processing Time


If you are an asylee or refugee and want to temporarily travel outside the United States, you will need a Refugee Travel Document to maintain your status while traveling outside of the United States and to return.

However, as previously stated, the cost of fee waivers and reduced fees are borne by all other fee payers because they must be transferred to those who pay a full fee to ensure full cost recovery.

Follow Ed The only way you can change this is by becoming a Canadian citizen, or the citizen of another country which gets visas waived for its citizens.

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Are the procedures any different for me? Fee adjustments are not intended to advance any policy objectives related to influencing the race or nationality of immigrants, deterring immigration and naturalization, or affecting voting. USCIS and you may not be permitted to return to the United States.

United States without securing proper reentry documentation, or on account of having failed to return to the United States before the expiration of their refugee travel documents.

DHS is unable to estimate the online number of index searches and records requests; however, some will receive a reduced fee and cost savings, by filing online.

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Similarly, DHS recognizes comments concerning individuals and community organizations that choose to donate valuable assistance to applicants, but DHS finds no evidence that the rule prevents organizations from choosing to continue providing a level of assistance.

Do you take applications in the afternoon? One commenter stated that USCIS has failed to deliver promised improvements to its online filing abilities and other modernization initiatives that would result in more streamlined operations. Hull metropolitan area, you should apply by mail or courier.

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Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. DHS believes that immigration to the United States remains attractive to millions of individuals around the world and that its benefits continue to outweigh the costs noted by the commenters. UNHCR and Irish Red Cross. DHS carefully considered the public comments received.

If records are found, USCIS will give the requestor electronic copies of records stored in digital format for no additional fee.

These changes would not only impact individual applicants who may be unable to work due to delays in their pursuit of work authorization, but also family members and employers who may have to lay off valuable employees.

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DHS may incorporate corresponding cost savings into future biennial fee reviews and rulemakings accordingly.


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How long are CTDs and COIs valid for? Depending on the actual level of workload received, these operational changes could result in longer processing times, a degradation in customer service, and reduced efficiency over time. It may also be useful to have an experienced immigration lawyer look into the delay on your behalf.

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Refugee Travel Document is issued to a refugee or asylee and enables the individual to travel abroad and return to the United States.

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As DHS states elsewhere in this rule, DHS is adjusting fees in this final rule because they are insufficient to generate the revenue necessary to fund USCIS at levels adequate to meet its processing time goals.

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The commenter also detailed their analysis that concluded that projected costs and revenues do not match actual costs and revenues, which the commenter said raises several issues that USCIS must explain to the public.


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Although these changes do limit the number of people eligible for fee waivers, as previously discussed, the changes also limit increases to fees for forms that previously had high rates of fee waiver use.

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DHS is also establishing a separate biometric services fee for additional requests for which it could not include the costs to USCIS of administering biometric services in the ABC model used for the NPRM.